Terms of Service

Here are our "Terms of Services" in a nutshell:

  • All new listings will be checked by an editor before the listing goes live on the website. It is so we can check the listing is appropriate and contain the correct content according to the type of listing including free or paid listings.

  • We reserve the right to reject any listings that we do not deem appropriate for the index.lk business web directory site.

  • We aim to review all submitted listings within 48 hours of receipt. If there are any problems with your listing, we will contact you at the email address that you provided.

  • It is your responsibility to update your listing should any information change.

  • You can delete your listing at any time. If you have any problems doing so, please get in touch.

  • Your listing will be active for the time specified.  Business Listing subscription will be automatically renewed for successive one-year terms, unless Advertiser notifies index.lk by sending an email with the words 'CANCELLATION' in the subject line to [email protected].

  • We reserve the right to change the type of listings we share in the future. For example, we may introduce paid listings in the future. If this is the case, you will not be charged if you already have an active listing, though any renewals will be based on the new types of listings.